GenZ lose 8-12 kg in 60 days while improving health

  • with exact meal by meal diet plan for your body
  • sending meal pictures to be accountable.

Dear 16-24 Year Old,

Imagine permanently losing weight, getting of belly, wear clothes you want & be confident

without being on & off diet and workouts and feeling miserable.

Melt belly, turn chest fat to toned upperbody, thigh fat to toned legs & butt if you’re a girl.

I know You’ve been told you aren’t eating less, working out , your situation or genes are different.

But It’s time to stop seeing your youth slip away..

It’s time to get permanent results , by

Meal by Meal Diet Plan for your bodytype

Workouts to look toned

New lifestyle to be “new” you!

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I grew up obese & all I wished was to lose weight. I ate less, worked out, but nothing worked. All changed when I realized instead of being on & off diets. I need to build a better me!

All info was on the internet and I felt everyone is an expert but I still could not lose fat. Convincing my parents to join peakpals was the best decision of my life. I lost 14kg in 60 days.

“It was the difference b/w 2 years & 2 months. After spending money on trainers , All it took was a whatsapp to PeakPals & in 60 days I lost 13kg even during lockdown.”

I had PCOS & life’s best phase was going away, but after PeakPals, I lost 14KG . It wasn’t about new hacks, it was a totally different approach. ”

I thought others could do it, but my case is different. But I’m shocked how I lost 12 kg fat. It feels as if everything was a lie.


Lose 8-12 kg in 60 days by private 1-1 coaching

What you'll get:

Personalized diet

Instead of eating less or being On & Off diets, we find best diet for you to cut cravings, & can be followed.. for life. Get an exact meal to meal plan so that all you’ve to do is follow it w full heart while learning about best food for you and your situations to follow.. for life So that you aren’t dependent on anyone not even us.


Get workouts to melt belly fat, turn chest fat to toned upperbody, thigh fat to toned legs & butt if you’re a girl. regardless of your situation, time or stamina.

New Lifestyle

New Lifestyle to finally have a routine, better mental health, sleep & instead of step by step improvement beome a NEW YOU.


Send meal picture. One option 

Then this

If you want to count calories download app
if you want to spend 90 minutes in gym everyday and gain when you stop – hire PT
If you want a ‘hack or two’ watch reels and yt all day

BUT PeakPals if only you’re serious and want to keep yourself to a place

Where you only have one option to

permanently lose weight, get rid of belly fast w/o sacrificing health then

We make GEN-Z(16-24 Y/O) lose weight via online 1-on-1 coaching by personalized diet, workouts & a new lifestyle. In last year we’ve selected 20 GenZ who lost 12+Kilos by our program.

Admission open for September batch with 30% off.


Want to loose weight as fast and easy as possible

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