Find Out How India’s #1 Fatloss Service For Youth Can Help You Lose 12KG In 60 Days

Dear 16-24 Year Old,


I’m Raghav Budhraja, Founder @PeakPals

Let’s not waste time, You’re on this website because you’re want to grow as a person (v few ppl are, you’re special) 

Not to hear my life story, But here’s a short version of where it all began. 

In a study among school kids in New Delhi, 33% were obese, and I was one of them .

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I would find clothes to look leaner, would hold in my breath while getting pictures clicked & even got bullied 

All I wanted was to lose weight, get rid of belly, wear clothes i want & feel confident … but I was confused on how to start!?

I ate less, fasted, worked out, spent money on trainers but nothing worked sustainably.

All changed when I realized instead of calorie deficit, being on & off, feeling bad about myself & most importantly seeing .. my youth slip away 


What if … I focus on finding out what how I feel i.e what makes me perform at my peak everyday

And by doing it I fully transformed myself 


I thought that half of my life problems would go away if I lose fat & when I did, I got so confident that if I can get rid of this, change myself .. I can do anything

Fast forward to today, that’s why

We’re in an industry where all you need is an Insta/youtube  ID or a 4-week course to be an expert. Everyone will sell their diet, pills & whatnot. 

But this MOVEMENT is much more than that…   
Imagine a world where every 16-24 year old is happy with the way they look, feels confident and are performing at their peak level, to change the world for the better, Together !

PeakPals is a community of 16-24 Y/O peak performers who have high standards for themselves & their life.

If you ask conventional trainers or experts they’ll say what we’re doing is impossible…  

Yet unrealistic transformations are happening at Peakpals, every single day.

🚀We’re the Fastest-Growing Service & have success rate of 100% because we only serve the discerning few who’re hungry to lose fat, look good

And instead of seeing their youth slip away.. want to be at peak of their life!