“ 5  Unimaginable Weightloss Truths(Only for 16-24 Y/O) ” 

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We make GEN-Z(16-24 Y/O) lose weight via online 1-on-1 coaching by personalized diet, workouts & a new lifestyle. In last year we’ve selected 30 GenZ who lost 12+Kilos by our program.



Dear 16-24 Year Old,  

Imagine permanently losing weight, wear clothes you want & be confident without feeling miserable.

Melt belly, turn chest fat to toned upperbody, thigh fat to toned legs & butt if you’re a girl.

You’ve been told you aren’t eating less, working out , your situation or genes are different.

But It’s time to stop seeing your youth slip away..

It’s time to get permanent results , by↓

1.   Effortless Diet for your bodytype 

  2. Workouts to look toned

3.  New lifestyle to be  “new” you!

If you’re 16-24 Y/O  then,

Claim Free 30 min’ 1-1 Session 

Where we’ll discuss your diet, workout, & plan what’s best for your body & routine to lose weight

P.S– No hidden charge but, it’s only for serious people.


Raghav Budhraja (Founder @PeakPals)

I grew up obese & all I wished was to lose weight.
I ate less, worked out, but nothing worked.

 All changed when I realized instead of being on & off diets.

I need to build a better me!


 I had PCOS & life’s best phase  was going away, but after PeakPals, I lost 14KG . It wasn’t about new hacks, it was a totally different approach. ”


“It was the difference b/w 2 years & 2 months. After spending money on trainers , All it took was a whatsapp to PeakPals & in  60 days I lost 13kg even during lockdown.”

Harsh Goela ( CEO GSF)

“Being a Founder it’s difficult to balance a healthy life. Raghav took time to understand my schedule, likes, dislikes, pricing, etc.

After trying we came to a system that was perfect & I never looked back. Raghav has my highest recommendation, wish him the best.”

  • Jai


    On Insta, I saw everybody getting ripped. I wondered where am I wrong? All changed when I got 1-on-1 guidance. Love the New me!”
  • Aaryan

    “ I thought others could do it, but my case is diff. but I’m shocked how I lost 12Kg fat. It feels everything was a lie.”
  • Yusuf

    “Being 21 Y/O & losing fat PeakPals was my obvious choice. I lost 12KG fat in 60 days & gained 5KG muscles. Insane learning experience”
  • Saad

    All info. was on internet & it felt everyone’s an expert but still i couldn’t lose fat. Convincing my parents to join Peakpals Was the best decision of my life. I lost 14kg within 60 days.
  • Geetesh

    Entire life changed when I got right mentorship and lost 12kg Fat. All my friends who used to tease me now ask me for advice.”

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Lose Weight Fast & effortlessly by

1. Personalized Diet- Instead of eating less or being On & Off diets, we find best diet for you to cut cravings, &  is easy to follow.. for life. 

2. Workout– Get workouts to melt belly fat & look toned regardless of your situation.

3. New Lifestyle to have better mental health, sleep & follow this for life.

How Process Works ↓
  •  No group call or going anywhere Get exclusive 1-on 1 guidance by phone with Stanford certified coach. 

Warning: PeakPals isn’t for everyone, only for special 16-24 Y/O who are “done” seeing the best phase, their youth slip away