“Find out 5  Hacks That 16-24 Y/O did to Melt Belly, Look Lean & Lost 12KG In 60 Days ” 

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PeakPals is 1st Fatloss Community for GEN-Z & makes them live at their peak by personalized diet, workouts & a new lifestyle to create a new future, together!

Dear 16-24 Year Old,  

Imagine permanently losing fat, wear clothes you want & feel confident without being miserable.

Melt belly, turn chest fat to toned upperbody, thigh fat to toned legs & butt if you’re a girl.

You’ve been told you aren’t eating less, working out more, your routine, situation & genes are different.

But It’s time to stop letting your youth slip away..

It’s time to get permanent results by 1-on-1 guidance, by↓

1.   Effortless Diet for your bodytype 

  2. Workouts to look toned

3.  Peak Performance lifestyle to be less anxious, end procrastination & be “new” you!

If you’re 16-24 Y/O  then,

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Where we’ll discuss your diet, workout, & plan what’s best for your body & routine to lose weight

P.S– No hidden charge but, it’s only for serious people who’ve realized life’s too short to not be at their peak.  




“My whole youth was at stake. I had PCOS & best phase of life was slipping away, but after PeakPals, I lost 15KG . This program wasn’t about new hacks, 1-on-1 guidance was a totally different approach. ”


“It was the difference b/w 2 years & 2 months. After spending money on trainers & fancy food, All it took was a whatsapp to PeakPals & within next 60 days I lost 13kg & have lost more weight even during lockdown.”

Harsh Goela ( CEO GSF)

“Being a Founder it was difficult to balance a healthy life. I opted for Peak Performance & Raghav took time to understand my schedule, likes, dislikes, taste, pricing, etc.

After trying we came to a system that was perfect & I never looked back. Raghav has my highest recommendation, wish him all the luck.”


On Insta, I saw everybody getting ripped.
I wondered where am I wrong?

All changed when I got 1-on-1 guidance. I love the New me!

  • Aaryan

    “ I thought others could do it, but my case is diff, but PeakPals is a special community. Instead of making me feel I wasn’t good enough, they Focused on my strength and I’m shocked how I lost 13Kg fat”.It feels everything about fitness is a lie.”
  • Yusuf

    “Being 21 Y/O & losing fat PeakPals was my obvious choice. I lost 12KG fat in 60 days & gained 5KG muscles. I’m not only lean but bcuz of my new lifestyle, I’m ready to be an entrepreneur & follow my dreams. Insane learning experience”
  • Saad

    All info. was on internet & it felt everyone’s an expert but still i couldn’t lose fat. Convincing my parents to join Peakpals Was the best decision of my life. I lost 14kg within 60 days.
  • Geetesh

    “I had alot of stuff going on, I felt I didn’t have support from anyone. Everything changed when I got right mentorship for my age, and now Ik what’s best for me, cheat like crazy, have better skin, tripled my testosterone and lost 12kg Fat & gained 6kg muscles. All my friends who used to tease me now ask me for advice.”


Lose Fat Fast, effortlessly by

1. Personalized Diet- Instead of eating less or being On & Off diets, we find best diet for you to cut cravings, &  is easy to follow.. for life. 

2. Workout– Get workouts to melt belly fat, look toned regardless of your situation or time you have.

3. New Lifestyle to have better mental health & be in state of peak performance, everyday!

How Process Works ↓
  • Instead of going anywhere Get 1-on 1 guidance through phone call & whatsapp. 

Warning: PeakPals isn’t for everyone, only for special 16-24 Y/O who wants to tap into their full potential. 

Who’ve realized all they need is right guidance

Doesn’t matter how lazy you are or what your life situation is. (We stop if it’s more than 15Kg in 60 Days)